Juicing 101

How to juice:

We often run into many questions from customers about how they should juice or cleanse.  If you are choosing to participate in juice cleanse the instructions are quite simple.  




No seriously, that’s it! Depending on what supply you ordered, equally divide them up amongst the days you wish to detox and drink accordingly. Many people choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner as the best times to consume their juices. You can solely drink your juices only during the detox period (which we suggest) or you can drink your juices and eat clean (raw foods) if you prefer. We encourage you to do what’s best for you and your body. One thing to remember is to consume lots of water in between during this period of juicing. Water is necessary during this time to keep you replenished and hydrated during your detox. 
*Some suggestions you may benefit from: 
Again, consume lots of water.  We can’t say that enough. Staying hydrated is key.  
If you are a coffee drinker, we recommend decaf only or black coffee (to prevent caffeine withdraw symptoms).  
Prepare for your juice cleanse a few days before by eating light foods and cutting out junk.  Easing your way in by slowing reducing heavy foods from your diet may make it easier to transition into your juice detox.  
Listen to your body!  You can eat light during your cleanse if you NEED to.  Fresh fruits, veggies, and raw foods are acceptable options to consider during a juice cleanse and it won’t break your cleanse.  
*If you are consuming the Activated Charcoal Detox Lemonade: 
Please be advised it can be a nutrient absorbent, so it is recommend to drink at least 90 minutes before or after a meal or supplement consumption. First thing in the morning or at night 90 min after dinner is ideal. And It may clean you out, if you know what we mean! So be prepared! And if it doesn’t righ away, don’t worry, it’s still working! 
Now that we’ve had our pep talk, you got this! Let’s juice it up!