Pressed Fresh ATL was founded by Decara and Mario Holman to serve the community.  We have one goal in mind and this is simply to offer healthy choices at a convenience!  It's so easy to succumb to not so favorable choices when it comes to what we put in our bodies because those options the most convenient!  Not so much for our healthy options these days!  We want to change that!  So if you want fresh pressed juices, fruit bowls, detox waters, and more, we've got you covered!  And you don't even have to lift a finger (well…barely, haha!)

While we here at Pressed Fresh ATL are not medical professionals or nutritionists, we do promote and provide healthy choices for you to implement with YOUR OWN GOAL.  Whether you want to see weight loss, implement a healthier lifestyle, combat certain medical conditions, or partake in a juice cleanse, you can benefit from the increase in nutrients that juicing provides! 

*Please consult accordingly for medical and/or nutrition advice.